How many times do we try to manipulate an outcome because we think that’s what is finally going to make us happy? We obsess about something and cling to it in the hopes that once we get that job/home/romantic partner/designer bag/ we will feel complete.

The truth is that we don’t always know what’s best and when we are so focused on something, we wear blinders that keep us from seeing greater possibilities.

We block even more amazing outcomes and we are standing in our own way. We tend to dream fairly small for fear of being disappointed.

When we are open, flexible and let life show us the way, we can welcome in events and outcomes that are beyond what we could have imagined.

Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself by obsessing over a situation you hope will go a certain way. Do what needs to be done, then have faith in life and your journey.

You are an incredible being that can enjoy miracles and magic. Let the outcome that’s meant to be unfold by trusting life a little more. Look to your past, to the times you worried and finally realized it wasn’t necessary at all.

Cultivate joy and hope in the everyday rather being solely focused on a certain destination or goal.

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Image via Kelly Rutherford