Love this Maya Angelou quote. Do the best you can and use this as a reminder that when you know better, do better. Don’t be so harsh on yourself and allow yourself to learn as you go. When you make mistakes, be kind to yourself. We are all students here on this journey. We are meant to grow, learn, fall and get back up to try again.

It’s when we take this adventure too seriously that we cause major stress for ourselves.

When we base our worth on what we accomplish and diminish that value when we make a mistake. You are not what you do, you are HOW you do your life: are you kind, loving and accepting (of yourself and others)? Or do you tend to label, judge and discard certain people because of a limiting mindset?

We must be open to learn and evolve. Everyday is a class room that has something to teach us.

We can either resist it by pointing the finger at others when a situation doesn’t go or our way or we can turn within and see how we can do better next time.

Put harsh judgment aside in how you view yourself and the outside world- it really has no purpose. Open your heart and treat yourself gently and with kindness.

You are walking the road of part of your journey this week and it’s up to you how you do it.

Either by creating more stress for yourself and others or by cultivating more peace and awareness. Wishing you a wonderful mindful Monday where you do the best you can and are open to the lessons you are here to learn.

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