Wake up and smell the inspiration. It is said that when we wake up in the morning, those first few moments are some of the most magical and crucial to set the tone for our day. What do you do during that period? Do you have a ritual or habit that puts you in a good mood? I love noting down my dreams, meditating and then writing these daily inspirations with a nice cup of hot water and lemon at my bedside. It’s a soft way to wake up and doing what is dear to my heart, what feeds my soul puts me in the best of moods (read more about my morning routine here).

No matter what happens during the day after, at least I have taken good care of myself in the morning. As much as mornings can be difficult for some (especially if you aren’t getting enough sleep), they really are one of the best times to get clarity about what you truly want and what you should be focusing on. It’s when we fall into busyness that our head gets so full that inspiration falls to the side and getting things done takes priority to making sure we are on the right path. Treat your mornings as sacred moments even if it’s just for a few minutes. You will see that tending to your soul, your true self will help you tap into important truths. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday! xoxo

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