We can let so many factors and people influence our life but it’s only us that truly know what we are meant to doDeep down inside we have an inner knowing but our internal GPS is often blocked out because of the advice of others or because of our own fears.

Only we know what brings us joy and despite other people’s best intentions, we should trust our judgement, not theirs. We can listen to opinions and recommendations but they are usually tainted with past experiences and apprehensions.

Your life is your story. You get to write it. You get to make your own mistakes and celebrate your successes.

I tried for a long time to follow what people close to be were saying I should do but I ended with a life that did not resemble the true me. They were guiding me based on their personality and perceptions which of course are not mine so it’s no wonder I ended up lostNow I trust my inner guidance so much more.
I know I have the resources to create a life I love and so do you.

Trust yourself enough to listen to those whispers that are trying to guide you.

Block out the external noise and tap into your own voice. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with moments of introspection and clarity.

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Image by Collective Hub