Rather than going about your day on automatic pilot, look at the actions you take and focus on how they are bringing you closer to what makes you happy. Whether it’s doing your daily workout to maintain a healthy body or going to your job to build financial abundance, your actions are influencing what you are welcoming into your life.

Have you ever thought about your WHY? Why you get up in the morning and do all that you do?

It could be to take care of your family that you love dearly, it can be to be of service to others or maybe it’s to put inspiring creative work out into the world. Each of us have our WHY and it’s our job to figure out what it is if we haven’t done so yet.

We need to have a purpose, we need a reason to take on the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Having a purpose will help you focus your efforts in the right direction and help you prioritize when you feel overwhelmed.

Be aware of the actions you take throughout your day and ask yourself if they are bringing you closer to what your heart desires. When you feel exhausted and are facing challenges, come back to your WhyRemember why you embarked on this crazy adventure.

And if the reason no longer inspires you, it might be time to move on and that’s totally okay. Wishing you a wonderful day where your actions are aligned with your purpose and passions.

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Image via Lisa Messenger