Trust your gut. It’s a powerful tool that we sometimes disconnect from because we get so caught up in our head. My yoga teacher and mentor once told me that we should bring both our gut and our head into important decisions and I couldn’t agree more.

Are you able to find stillness and connect with your intuition or is it your head that always runs the show? When it’s the head that dominates it can often be the voice of the Ego that we hear. It says things like “Don’t do that, you’re putting yourself at risk” or “What if you fail? It often brings up the worry about what other people will think… Sound familiar?

It’s not to say to only listen to your heart and make irresponsible decisions. It’s about balance between heart and head because it’s that balance that will allow us to create a fulfilling life. Notice today which is speaking louder to you and if you can find ways to reconnect with your heart if it only speaks in tiny whispers.

I find that doing things that I love that keep me in the present moment is a great way to tap into my heart and hear it clearly. Wishing you a wonderful Monday.

Image by Mija

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