Can you imagine what you would set yourself up to do if you really believed the world is your oyster? If you not only believed it but felt in your bones that your life is meant to be truly amazing. Imagine the people you would dare to speak to, the chances you would be willing to take all because you knew that life was rigged in your favour.

Why not believe this? To protect yourself? To be “realistic” perhaps? Think of the times you passed on an opportunity out of fear or doubt. Fear of being disappointed or doubt about your capabilities. Don’t judge yourself for it. Fear and the desire to protect ourselves is completely normal. It’s just how our human brain works. It’s normal but it’s not that thinking that will set up the life you dream about… Now what if starting today you made a conscious decision to believe that the best scenarios could unfold? Close your eyes and really imagine it. See that life, the people in it, the sounds, smells and feelings you would experience. Really stand in that vision and allow yourself to feel like it’s happening. What is one action you can take today to get closer to that reality?

One thing to keep in mind with this visualization practice. Believing and reaching for your dreams doesn’t mean that your current life isn’t perfectly okay and complete. It’s not to say to always want more and not to be grateful for what you have. It’s about noticing the limiting beliefs that might be keeping you from your reaching your full potential for joy. Find balance between contentment for all the gifts you already have and the abundance you can tap into if you start trusting life and yourself a little more.

Sometimes we believe we are just meant to sail the waves of life without rocking the boat but if you have that feeling inside of you that there is something more waiting for you, that’s because there is and it’s part of your purpose to embark on that adventure. Life is short and you are meant to embrace all it wants to offer you. The world is your oyster. Now go out there and claim your treasures!

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(Image by Jasmine Dowling)

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