No matter how complicated we think our lives are, the secret ingredient to solving many of our problems is love. It seems that most humans have a deep fear of never being enough: not smart enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough…

We walk around feeling incomplete and seeing others the same way when in fact we are incredible beings.

When I first started looking at life through the lenses of love (seeing if lack of it was at the core of some of my problems), I was amazed at how everything started to flow so much better. Think of the daily dramas you face at work. Deep down it often rests on the fact that someone doesn’t love themselves enough or that they are choosing fear over love.

We choose fear when we create separateness, when we think in a “them vs us” mentality.

We are not choosing love when we judge others or ourselves. When we think that we are better than or less than those around us, love is not present. When we start looking at difficult situations and choices by asking ourselves how can love can put us on the right path, answers present themselves.

It might sound airy fairy to you but I can confirm that in my very real life I’ve had tough calls to make where my ego’s first reflex was to choose fear instead of love as a defence mechanism. Luckily, I started being aware of it and I didn’t want things to go down that way so I made a conscious decision to choose love.

I’m so grateful I did or I wouldn’t have experienced the joy I did without that brave decision. Notice today if adding some love to a particular situation or interaction could be of help. It’s incredible how you can turn things around when you adopt that mindsetWishing you a wonderful day filled with love for yourself and those around you.

Image via Kelly Rutherford