How much are you carrying with you that is weighing you down? What don’t you want to let go of that is draining your energy? Is it a story from your past that you keep running through your head? Is it something where you felt you were wronged but deep down you know it’s just your ego that is making you hold onto it?

The focus of Oprah’s and Deepak Chopra‘s new 21 day meditation experience is Shedding the weight: mind, body and spirit. I think this is a great area of our life to look into as we all carry negative baggage. Negative memories and emotions that are keeping us from stepping into the true version of ourselves.

Notice the stories going on in your mind. Is there a victim theme?

Whether it’s a cashier that you feel treated you rudely yesterday or a friend that deeply betrayed you 20 years ago, you can let go of that heaviness. It’s not serving you in any way and it’s only your ego that is replaying it over and over in the hopes of changing the story. Of course, we can’t change the past but we can make a conscious decision to stop dragging it around into the present moment.

Forgiveness is often the ingredient we need, to let go of what is weighing us down.

It can be forgiveness of ourselves or others. Whoever it’s for, forgiveness benefits the one that chooses it. It leaves us feeling lighter and more at peace. It doesn’t mean that we condone what happened. It means that we love ourselves enough to not want to keep ingesting poison created by negative thoughts and emotions. Notice today if there is something that you aren’t letting go of and think about how it is affecting you.

Is it worth holding on to and what is it accomplishing?

Wishing you a wonderful day where you start letting go of some of the heaviness. Allow yourself to rise to your full potential and have open arms to receive the gifts life wants to offer you.

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Image by You Are Luminous