“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen. You don’t need to strive to be perfect. It’s your perceived flaws that make you beautiful and uniqueAs humans, we aren’t meant to be perfect. We are an ever evolving work in progress and we must embrace who we are as we learn and grow.

For so long, I tried to be perfect. I spent so much energy on wanting everyone to like me and making decisions based on the approval of others. One day, I realized that was leading me down a path that was not mine. I decided I didn’t want to spend my energy trying to prove my value to others.

The first step is YOU seeing your value. To love and embrace every part of yourself – even the clumsy, distracted, goofy side.

Have you noticed that there is a true beauty to people that decide to be their authentic selves? They might be kind of dorky or say silly things but that’s actually what makes them interesting.

There is an attractive energy to these people even if they don’t possess the typically “attractive” traits (well spoken, good looking, etc). Their ease with themselves makes us want to spend time with them because we want some of that authentic energy. We can learn to be this way and love our uniqueness. 

We can quiet the inner mean girl (or guy) that tries to point out our “flaws”.

Make sure you hang around people that allow you to do this. I’ve had the two total opposites in my life: a boyfriend that made me feel like crap and always pointed out what he thought I was doing wrong (I’m obviously no longer with him). And I currently have a wonderful man that adores my quirks and has made me love them too.

Go about your day being kind with yourself and others.

Quiet the judgmental mind that says you or others aren’t doing this or that right. Wishing you a wonderful Good Friday where you celebrate being perfectly imperfect.

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Image by Too Wordy