Want a chance to win a lovely art print like the one above plus two other amazing prizes? Sign up to the Red Fairy’s weekly newsletter! Giveaway ends tomorrow, March 4th at midnight (full details here). Now on to our regular programming of today’s daily inspiration. I love inspiring messages such as this one because it reminds us of the power we possess.

We can quickly forget what we are capable of and yet we have an unlimited amount of gifts and potential within us. From our capacity to make people laugh or help them feel heard, to creating more beauty in the world by what we put out in it.

You can create a spark in someone’s life today simply by being fully presentBy doing so and giving out good energy, you get it back and that’s how you harness your power. You don’t just think about what you can get from others, you focus on what you can give.

We all have dreams, ambitions and goals and we are meant to make them come true but we are also here to make the world a better place and life just seems to help us more when we have a mindset of being of service.

Be laser focused today not only on what you want but on how you can end your day feeling like you gave your best (to yourself and others). Think quality thoughts and speak positive words. That’s how you create a successful and fulfilling life. Now go get ’em tiger and have an incredible day!

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Image by Melo and Co. You can find more inspiring prints like this in the Red Fairy’s shop here.