Do you notice if you have something in your life that is hurting you? It could be a negative person that you can’t seem to walk away from or maybe it’s harsh thoughts you have against yourself. It can be an unhealthy lifestyle that involves too much booze or junk food or not enough exercise.

Whatever it is, start by forgiving yourself for having kept this hurtful element in your life and now see how you can change that situation. Think about why you’ve been holding onto it and be honest with yourself.

Sometimes we stay in a negative relationship with someone or something because it feels less uncomfortable than facing the unknown. Other times we simply don’t realize the harm it’s doing to us.

You deserve a great life and it starts with making conscious decisions to bring in more positivityThat will give you the energy and momentum to reach for your dreams and step into your full potential. If you are caught in a dark cloud of negativity and fear, it’s very difficult to see the wonderful possibilities that await you.

Start today by slowly letting go of one small thing that might be hurting you. It can be as simple as passing on that daily $5 latte that’s keeping you from saving for your dream trip.

Speaking of money and habits that hurt us, there’s a new post where I do a full disclosure of my money mistakes and lessons learnedI’m hoping that by sharing my story, I allow others to become aware of their own hurtful patterns but also I want to show that you can bust through those blocks and change your habits for the better. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday where you take care of yourself and let go of the negative.

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