Do you ever stop to think about the lenses through which you view your life? About just how much your “reality” is affected by how you perceive the outside world? Do you tend to focus on what could go wrong or do you see opportunities for growth and connection? Do you view the world through lenses of fear or hope?

Do you interpret someone being rude as a personal attack or do you choose to have compassion for the battles that that person might be dealing with?

Two people can view one situation in two totally different ways.

That’s actually where arguments and conflicts often stem from. Each individual’s perception of life and how it unfolds is affected by past experiences (good and bad), fears, values and so much more.

If you feel like life is filled with possibilities of getting hurt, that’s probably the outcome that you will create.

Same goes if you have a positive outlook on the experiences you can manifest: if you believe in all the good that can happen, that’s what you are likely to attract.

It’s not to say that positive people don’t face challenges, but they do tend to bounce back from them much faster. They don’t dwell in the drama or play the victims. They choose to learn the lesson and then move on. Our mindset and outlook on life really does create our reality.

We have the power to make that reality a more peaceful one or one filled with stress and anxiety.

What are you currently choosing? Wishing you a wonderful day where you keep the lenses through which you view the world clean and bright.

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