Doing what you love is not a luxury. It’s not something you add to your to-do list and get to if you have the time. Doing what you love is part of your purpose. It’s what you’ve come here to do. It doesn’t have to be your job or something you get paid for: the payment is the pure joy you experience when you are in the midst of doing what you love.

It can be so many things and some clues are that you never see time go by when you do this thing that makes your heart sing.

Don’t confuse short term pleasure with inner joy.

For example, shopping might give you a thrill but that buzz is over in a flash and then you need something to feed it again.

Doing what you love might involve nature, something creative, connecting with people or perhaps it’s a physical activity. It can be writing, photography, travel and so much more.

Create time and space in your life to do what you love and what feeds your soul.

Without it you probably feel empty and like there might not be a point to anything. Have fun exploring and discovering what it is. Don’t pressure yourself to “figure it out”. It will be clear with time and action. Wishing you a wonderful day where you give your body, mind and soul the TLC they deserve.

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Image by Collective Hub