Do you know that there is a world of difference between having negative thoughts and believing them? When I finally realized this it was a game changer for me. It meant that my inner mean girl was no longer running the show. She could share her opinion but I didn’t have to listen to it or make decisions based on it.

Start your week fresh by giving yourself lots of love. Say kind things to yourself and when you notice the negative thoughts pop up, consciously choose not to believe them.

It takes some practice especially if you’ve completely identified with that inner critic for many years but it’s 100% achievable. I can notice now when the negativity surfaces and how it makes me feel: I start doubting what I am doing or think it doesn’t matter but I am wise enough to take a step back and let it to bugger off.

Self love and self kindness are so important to your journey. Everything will be a struggle if you don’t build a solid foundation and learn that you are a worthy being.

Wishing you an incredible Monday where you become an observer of your thoughts and start becoming a master at cultivating those that serve you rather than hurt you.

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