Saying that kind is the new cool can either be perceived as a powerful statement or a superficial one depending on how you view it. For me, it’s positive because it means that there is a general increase in awareness that we need to be kinder to each other.

We can never cultivate enough kindness really but unfortunately it’s often our harsh thoughts that tend to dominate us.

For so long I let my Ego mind run the show. My thoughts about myself and others were often judgmental and I was so demanding of everyone around me (and myself too). Someone very special in my life taught me what true kindness is. He taught me what a soothing balm it can be in a hard world.

I’ve always felt unconditional love from him and I’ve observed him pour so much kindness out into this world. He is my dad and he’s the coolest dude ever.

No matter what direction your life has taken so far and what your mindset has been, you can set the intention to let kindness be a major player in your life.

Being kind to others means letting them live their journey and learn their lessons without controlling or judging. It means to stop labelling people as good or bad and putting them in a certain box.

Being kind to yourself is telling your inner mean girl (or guy) to take a hike and allow loving thoughts to replace the harsh ones.

It’s not placing your worth on what you do or how much you do but rather on HOW you do everything in your life. Being kind is what this world needs to make a profound shift but it starts within.

Be kind today with yourself and others. Give yourself permission to just BE and for those you love to live their truth without being judged. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday filled with love, kindness, acceptance and inner peace.

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Image by Gratitude Butterfly