If we’re being real here, we’ve all tried to control people or outcomes at certain points in our life. Not necessarily in a dishonest way but in a manner where we try to manage the person or situation to our advantage. It might be trying to get a job we really want, wanting that guy or girl to call back, it can even pertain to material objects (like a house, car, electronic gadget).

Humans have this weird default setting where we think that that next thing/person/outcome will finally make us feel happy and content. Gabrielle Bernstein calls this the “when I haves” and I find it’s a great reminder that we need to stop running after happiness and let go a little.

In this video, I talk about how trying to control outcomes causes us stress and can even result in the opposite of what we want unfolding:

As promised, here is the link to Jennifer’s podcast on The art of making things happen through intention, action and letting go: download it via iTunes (episode 10) or listen to it directly on her site.

Do you remember experiences where you tried to control an outcome or person and perhaps it backfired on you?

We shouldn’t judge ourselves when this happens but learning from these mistakes is crucial to our growth and happiness.¬†Next time you notice yourself obsessing about something that you wish would happen, see the stress it creates in you. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it and come back to this post (or relisten to Jenn’s podcast) to put things in perspective.

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