Do you say yes to abundance? Do you realize that you are surrounded by it constantly and it also flows within you at every moment of everyday. We so often get focused on what we think we are lacking in our life that we don’t see all the resources we already have. Whether it’s a gift, talent or passion that has gone unexplored yet or something/someone close to you that could bring you great joy.

Even the abundance of your breath should be cherished.

When you cultivate gratitude for the fact that you can take in a deep, nourishing breath without any struggle, you will start seeing everything else you can be grateful for.

Why would the Universe send more our way if we don’t see all that we already have?

Don’t let fear keep you from accessing the abundance that is right there waiting to be discovered. Don’t take for granted all the little gifts that are offered to you everyday.

If you feel like you are currently stuck or that you aren’t where you want to be, notice if you have been saying yes to abundance.

If you’ve been keeping your eyes wide open to it or if you let fear and the judgmental mind push it away. Say yes to abundance today. Whether it’s in the form of laughter with a friend, enjoying good food or being grateful for the healthy body that allows you to do all that you love. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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