Let’s be careful about the energy we put out there. Share your light with others rather than passing on your worry to them. Notice the impact your words and actions have on yourself and others. We sometimes feel the need to vent (on social media or in person) but this creates negativity that affects those that receive it.

It doesn’t mean not sharing our emotions but let’s cultivate an awareness of what we put out into the world.

If you have a stream of thoughts that is filled with worry, notice that and then ask yourself if you must really share that with those around you. What good does it do other than perhaps making you feel a little better?

We are all beings of energy reflecting on one another.

Being conscious of that energy is crucial to our wellness and that of others. Remember that worry pretends to be necessary (one of my favourite Eckhart Tolle quotes) and that there is a difference between worrying and finding a solution to a problem. One actually results in a concrete decision while the other just loops in a vicious circle in your mind with no real useful purpose.

I know people that are constantly stuck in worry about themselves and others. They mean well and they are like this because they care but they are also letting fear run the show.

Their intentions are good but there are other more positive and productive ways to be caring.

Notice today how many worry thoughts you have floating around in your mind and if you tend to contaminate your environment with them.

They first cause stress in you but when you release them out into the world it can also have a domino effect if everyone else does the same thing.

Cultivate awareness and kindness during this journey of self discovery.

Don’t judge whatever you find but do set the intention to have an inner world that is based on love rather than fear and that is conducive to peace rather than worry. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Image via Danielle Laporte