We can so easily fall on automatic pilot and forget how incredible this life is. You get up and breathe and walk and do a million little things in a day.  The fact that you are physically capable of doing all that is a miracle in itself.

Your journey here matters and don’t think for a second that it doesn’t.

Every day, the smallest action you take can have the biggest positive repercussion. We tend to think of ourselves as small and powerless little human beings but look around at all the magnificence we can create.

Sure we can create destruction as well but that is a choice that we each make. Speaking of decisions, every moment of every day you can decide to stay in the mould and within your comfort zone or you can live with intent.

Intent to leave this planet a better place than when you arrived.

Intent to create more peace, love, kindness, compassion, inspiration and beauty.

Intent to make a difference rather than thinking that you don’t matter.

You are here for a reason but it’s only when you take yourself off automatic pilot that you can start living that purpose. It doesn’t have to be something that appears grandiose or that is all shiny and glamorous.

It can be choosing to be happy rather than being right when you are having an argument with a loved one. It can be to let go of judgement and stand in a place of acceptance and love.

So many little shifts can have the biggest impact and it all starts with you.

Isn’t that exciting?! Live less out of habit and more out of intent and watch the magic unfold within and around you. Wishing you a wonderful day lived with intention and awareness.

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