Criticizing others. We all do it. Whether it’s just in our head or out loud, speaking about it to someone else or directly to the person in question. Most of us have a judgmental voice inside of us and in order to feel more inner peace we need to first notice it and then start taming it. Not only because of the harshness it directs towards others but also because of what it tells us about ourselves.

Remember that how we treat others is how we treat ourselves so if we are constantly having critical thoughts and words about those around us, it’s very likely that we are harsh on ourselves as well. I can be very good at having high expectations for myself and others to the point of being judgmental sometimes. Gabrielle Bernstein taught me an important lesson about this in her book Miracles Now. She says:

Clean up your side of the street first before criticizing others.

This way of seeing life and my behaviour has allowed me to focus on MY journey. I work on reaching my full potential and let others do their own work. It’s not my responsibility to “fix” people. This is a very liberating mindset and it also creates much more positive relationships. It can be tempting for our Ego to criticize others because it tends to make us feel better about ourselves but that is a very unhealthy way to increase our self love and it creates negativity all around us.

Give it a try today. Notice when you are talking about someone’s shortcomings and when you do, stop yourself and shift the conversation to something else. You can even do this subtly when a person is speaking to you and criticizing another. We really do have a choice in the inner and outer dialog we create. Let’s start one step at a time to make it a more positive one. 

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