When you have a dilemma or feel lost, stressed and disconnected with your true self, a meditation practice can help you tremendously. People who have never meditated often believe that it’s hard or that it requires not thinking but I can confirm that’s not the case. Meditation is about quieting the mind by focusing it on something like a mantra or your breath.

It’s about slowing down the incessant flow of thoughts and relaxing your body.

When you meditate you can choose to focus your attention on something that makes you feel at peace (an image, a mantra, a relaxing sound). Rather than having the mind jumping all over the place it slowly learns to calm down while you learn to find your centre. You will still have thoughts and you will need to bring back the mind to one point of focus but this will become easier and easier to do.

You will notice that you feel more at ease and there will be more clarity and space within you for certain answers to come up.

You will be more deeply in touch with your inner guidance and you will be more apt at telling when you’ve gone off track from what truly matters to you. I started by meditating 5 minutes every morning for about a year.  I sometimes meditated for a few minutes during the day while I was walking or commuting to work.

It really doesn’t take much to start enjoying the benefits of meditation.

All that matters is just getting started and gradually incorporating a practice into your day. If you would like some meditation tips for beginners, click here!

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Image via Gypset Goddess