Have you ever had the experience of feeling like one door is closing in your life but that something exciting and new is probably just around the corner? It could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a job or a personal project. Sometimes we need to let go in order to welcome in a new chapter of our life.

It can be scary at first, especially when we don’t know what this new chapter will look like or when it will arrive but we must learn to become comfortable with uncertainty.

When we see that our life is evolving, when it’s trying to bring us in a new direction, we should not resist it.

That only blocks the flow of your life unfolding as it should and you growing into a beautiful new version of yourself. Stepping outside our comfort zone is rarely comfortable but it is quite exciting and it’s what allows us to create something new. It allows us to create an even better version of our reality and grow into the full being we are meant to be.

Trust life when it’s trying to take you in a new direction.

If you feel like you are losing certain things, know that it’s usually to create space for something even better to show upWhen we grasp onto people, roles or things too tightly, our arms aren’t free to welcome in new gifts.

Create openness in yourself and your life to be able to receive what is meant to come your way.

Notice what state your mindset is in and if fearful thoughts might be creating some blockage. Use this day to release that fear, be gentle with yourself and to create the courage you need to welcome in the amazing and new. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday filled with self care and re-energizing.

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