What was the last action you took to get closer to your dreams? What is your mental dialog regarding what your heart is calling you to do? Do you believe it’s possible? If so, what is your next step? If you don’t believe your dreams are possible, why not?

Who are you surrounding yourself with and what are you exposing yourself to to stand in a place where you know that dreams can come true? Those yearnings that you might be trying to ignore are present within you for a reason.

You are meant to have a great life, not just a good one.

You are meant to experience pure joy, not just be in survival modeDreaming and fantasizing about another kind of life is all well and good but it’s action that will make it a reality.

Take one small step today to get closer to a goal that is dear to your heart.

Restore your faith in yourself by taking action rather than just staying in your head because that feels safer. Wishing you a wonderful Monday where you start closing the gap between your dreams and your reality.

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Image via Lisa Messenger