Do you know that you already have everything you need within you? You might not see it now but it’s there waiting to be uncovered. Maybe you will have to go through certain experiences of growth to find it and that’s all part of the journey.

We can stop looking outside for the answers or for what we think we don’t have to live a life of fulfillment. A life where we are truly making a difference. The truth is that it’s part of our purpose to realize that we are full of untapped resources. We need to believe in ourselves a little more and block out the negativity that is creating this doubt.

If we can sit still, quiet the mind & tap into who we truly are deep at our core, the magic of what can unfold will finally be unblocked. It’s fear and ego that often keep us stuck in a place where we feel lost and wondering if we are on the right path. Fear of what others might think, of making the wrong decisions of not being good enough.

We need to choose love instead of fear. Love of ourselves, our potential, of others and of all that life has to offer. Open yourself up, start releasing fear. Let the light come in and share your gifts with others. Imagine what this world could be like if we focused on love, positivity, compassion and kindness. We can make that world come to be a reality, one small step at a time.

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