Do you ever allow yourself to stop, take a rest and just relax? It seems to be a common disease to have guilt attached to moments of pure nothingness but I say that Sundays are for exactly that: resting and recuperating. Replenishing our reserves and realigning with our soulResting can mean various things to different people. For some it’s doing absolutely nothing while for others it’s reading a good book or going for a walk.

If your entire work week is about being of service to others then make Sundays about focusing on yourself. Take care of your body, mind and soul. They are everything and they bring you everything you have.

Take a rest and allow yourself to just BE. Focus on what you love and what makes you feel alive. Wishing you a wonderful restorative day where you fill those energy levels back up to where you need them to give it your all in the week to come.

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