Sometimes we make life more complicated than it needs to be to live well. Weekends are the perfect moment to take a step back and see how you can simplify things and focus on what truly matters. Love is one of the most important elements in our life and yet we can get so distracted by the daily dramas that we completely push it aside.

Perhaps we were a little impatient with somebody we love because we were stressed or maybe we aren’t reserving enough time for those we care about because we are letting other factors get in the way. The actions we take every day aren’t random (or they shouldn’t be anyways). They should be based on our core values and priorities.

To live well is to make decisions and allocate our precious time according to what truly matters to us. Not letting others define where we put our energies. Love is at the centre of everything. Either in conflict because it is lacking or in the most beautiful moments because it is fully present.

How often you think about love and act based on that value will determine the quality of your life and how you positively affect the life of others. Come back to the center of who you are and see how you can live well and love well this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!

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Image by Hunting Louise