Sometimes we question ourselves. We wonder if we are on the right path and if we have what it takes to “succeed”. These doubts are normal but we must always have hope and be careful not to believe the negative voice in our head that says we aren’t enough.

Most of us have this voice and for some it’s louder than others. We can replace any of those harsh thoughts with loving ones by deciding to consciously do so.

If you have a passion inside of you that is yearning to come forth it’s because it’s meant to. To deny that desire because of fear is to deny who you truly are.

It’s better to start making that desire a reality and sucking at it than to leave it to die inside of you. Yes, most of us aren’t great when we are beginners but that’s how you learn and grow. You do that in action, not by staying stuck in a place of fear.

Have faith and patience with yourself whether you are trying something new for the first time or maybe it’s the 10th and you still need to practice. In love and life we are all students and we must be open to learn, fall/fail and have enough strength, courage and faith in ourselves to get back up and try again.

It’s all part of the journey and we must always have hope that there is a gift in every moment – even the challenging ones. Wishing you a wonderful day where you tap into that hope to reenergize and inspire yourself. 

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Image by Hunting Louise

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