Trusting your intuition can save you from many mistakes. Start practicing listening to it today. Stay calm enough that you can hear its guidance. Our intuition is always there showing us the way but our mind is often so loud that it blocks out the whispers of our inner GPS. It’s that inner knowing that tells us when we are about to do something that goes against our core values or warns us when our ego is guiding our actions and reactions.

What the ego undoes our intuition can help us rebuild. If you feel that you made some mistakes last week, simply forgive yourself for them, let go and move forward with the lesson learnedAs humans it’s normal to get lost from time to time. We might want to try something on for size only to realize it isn’t for us.

It’s much better to give it a go and then to know it’s not a good fit than to always wonder or regret not having tried. Trust yourself a little more and see where it takes you. It’s not that all your decisions will be perfect but they will always have something to teach you and help you grow. Have a fabulous Monday!

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Image via Silverblonde on Tumblr