Are you standing in your own way? Are you letting limiting beliefs stop you from moving ahead and creating a life you love? I know first hand what this is like as I did it often in the past. Still do it sometimes to this day but the difference is now that I catch myself when I’m doing it. This makes all the difference in the world as being aware of our behaviour is the first step in changing it if it’s not helping us create what we desire with our life.

Confession: I’ve been letting the fear of rejection stop me from doing something that I know could benefit others and my business. This morning, I’ve had enough of me getting in my own way and I’m making the commitment right here to you that I will take the necessary actions today to move forward.

If you try something and nothing comes of it, you can at least say that you gave it your all.

It’s when we know that we are letting fear stop us, when we are getting in our own way that we feel a sense of unease. Our intuition is telling us what we are capable of doing but we let the Ego run the show. The Ego says “But what will others think? And what if we suck?” The soul doesn’t care about that. It just wants to fully realize itself and doesn’t mind what the outcome is. Think long and hard at was your heart has been calling you to do but that you haven’t put in motion yet.

Are you pointing to external excuses because you don’t want to see that you are your own road block?

If so, forgive yourself and make the commitment that you will stop getting in your own way when it comes to following your heartYou can still let the mind get involved from a practical planning point of view. It does have its purpose and it can keep us out of trouble.

With practice we can learn to tell the difference between the practical objective mind that is there to serve us and the Ego that lives in fear and doesn’t want us to do anything that it perceives as risky. All of this is a dance that we slowly learn as we move ahead in life.

We must be patient with ourselves in the learning process and know that it’s only by taking action that we will learn and grow. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with little steps forward.

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