Have you ever asked yourself if you are standing in your own way? If you are blocking your own growth, success and well-being? The answer might seem obvious but our mind can work in very subtle and unconscious ways which sometimes make us unaware when we are in self-sabotage mode.

The biggest thing that made me (and still does sometimes) stand in my own way is PERFECTIONISM. Not doing something because I am afraid it won’t be good enough so I would rather not do it. For years I was not conscious of this behaviour and now that I am I catch myself when I am doing this whether it’s getting started on a work project that intimates me or something in my personal life.

Having this fear is actually quite common but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or conducive to living your best life. The good news is that it’s something that we can work on once we realize we are doing it:

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

That’s right. You’ve got to talk to yourself and say “Hey there, it’s okay to be scared but you are missing out on something by letting that fear control you. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to show up for yourself and give it your best shot.”

When you drop that belief that you have to be perfect to be worthy, so many doors open and immense pressure disappears. You can take yourself less seriously and have fun being a student of life. Try things, make mistakes and move on. That’s what truly living is about. Not hiding behind excuses for why you aren’t doing something that could actually benefit people (and yourself).

What are your thoughts on self-sabotage? Have you realized that you have been standing in your own way in certain aspects of your life?

I would love to know your story (share below!) as we often feel shame when we realize that we have been taking part in destructive behaviour but knowing that we are not alone is of great comfort. You can also dive deeper into this topic by reading this post. Geneviève

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  • Thank you for your kind words Izmeizha! So glad you enjoy my posts and let me know if there are any topics in particular you would like to read more about!

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