Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right. Do you know someone who always has the perfect excuse not to do something? They see their attitude as being prudent but really they are just letting life pass them by and allowing fear to keep them stuck.

Let’s make a conscious effort today to notice what we are focusing on (what could go wrong vs what could go right) and if our attention is more in a place of worry and fear, let’s see how we can change that inner dialog.

When we focus on a positive outcome, not only is it more likely to happen but we at least give ourselves the chance to try. And what is the worst that can happen really if we do try and it doesn’t work out? Pretty sure we’ll survive and we will probably actually be quite grateful and proud that we at least gave it our best shot.

Give it your all today whether it’s at work, in your personal relationships or any other area that you might be struggling in. When you are doubting or focusing on what could go wrong, shift that mentality to what could go right. It might seem like a difficult exercise at first but with practice this can become your default mindset and what a fulfilling life that could create.

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