Step forward into growth or step back into safety. Life is a constant dance between both. We cannot be brave every single moment of every day of our life. We have moments where we need to retreat and others where we must push ahead outside our comfort zone.

The important thing to remember is to have more moments where we step forward into growth. That is how we can create a fulfilling life for ourselves rather than just a safe one. There is nothing wrong with needing safety and we must be responsible in our choices and consider how they impact others but there is a difference in being prudent and letting fear keep us stuck. Using “safety” as an excuse.

Every morning when you wake up you have choices to make on who you want to be in this world and what you will do. Sometimes, you won’t feel like doing anything and when that happens don’t judge yourself. Do remember your goals and your WHY (why you get out of bed, go to work and do all the things you do). Always come back to your WHY when facing decisions whether it’s deciding if you are going to get up early to go to the gym (because you want a healthy body) or perhaps walking away from a relationship (because you love him/her but you love yourself more and know what is best).

Growth of course is demanding. On the short term, it’s easier to stay in bed and not workout but in the long run that decision is taking you further away from what will make you happy and fulfilled. Same goes for staying in a situation that doesn’t suit you. On the surface it might seem like not rocking the boat will keep you safe but if you are living in a non authentic way, knowing that you should be doing otherwise, that has a cost.

Choosing growth can be done one small step at a time. Each little decision you make that allows you to grow and evolve will give you the strength to make another decision (perhaps a bigger one) that will again allow you to grow.

We step into our full potential one decision at a time so don’t underestimate those choices and make them from a place of love and trust instead of fear.

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