As we enter a new year it’s nice to look at it as a blank slate, keep an open mind, stay curious and leave behind what didn’t serve us. Looking at the road ahead, we can see what opportunities might present themselves and where there could be challenges.

Some people will take on resolutions or set goals for themselves but most important of all, remember to enjoy the journeyRemember to have fun and look at life with fresh eyes.

Stay curious and explore possibilities you might not have considered beforeReconnect with that child like quality that resides in all of us and learn to have fun everyday even if it’s just little moments of laughter here and there.

I know I tend to take life too seriously sometimes and it’s really not necessary to be so uptight. This is an incredible adventure and it’s up to you to decide what you do with it and how you deal with the good and the bad.

You are choosing everyday how much you smile and make others smile. You are choosing to stay within your comfort zone or to step out of it.

Don’t let fear keep you from experiencing amazing new things or meeting fascinating new people. Let go, have fun and stay curious. 

Image by The Scribblers List