There couldn’t be a more perfect question to start 2016 with intention and focus. People talk about resolutions and goals for the new year but one thing that I’ve learned thanks to Danielle Laporte is that it’s much more powerful to focus on how you want to feel and then determine what we need to do to feel that way.

The reason for this is that we often think that reaching a certain goal will bring us happiness but it’s not actually that physical goal that we are after, it’s what we think it will bring us from an emotional point of view.

If your goal is to workout out 3-4 times a week it could be because you want to feel healthy and reduce your stress levels. If you want a promotion it might be because you associate more money with a sense of freedomIf you want to travel to certain destinations you might be craving adventure and excitement.

The key is to focus on how you want to feel and then take a path that you think can bring you there but be flexible and open along your journey to see if there might be other ways that you didn’t consider.

Life often tries to guide us but if we have blinders on and aren’t willing to see this and listen, we can get lost. Today is a blank slate, a fresh start. It’s the perfect moment to take some time for yourself and focus in on what your heart is calling for.

Make sure you write it down while you have clarity and then put these desires somewhere you will look at them multiple times during your week/month/year.

We can easily get caught up in the daily grind so keeping our desires close by will allow us to focus on our key priorities and push the other “noise” to the side.

Maybe also try focusing on what you want to feel each morning and really visualizing that and then throughout your day, ask yourself if what you are doing is bringing you closer or further from those feelings.

Wishing you an incredible 2016 where you are deeply connected to your heart and follow your desires. It’s your birthright to do so. Follow your purpose.

Image via Danielle Laporte’s awesome #truthbomb app. A great tool you can use daily to move closer to what your soul is craving. Download it here.