You are never too old to dream and you are never too old to pursue a dream. I believe that if a dream resides within us, it’s because we have what it takes to make it come trueWe might not have the full picture yet on how we can make it happen but all that matters is taking that first step.

Once we take the first step, the next one often becomes clear. We have to learn to trust and let go. We have to learn that it’s not up to us controlling the entire process. This can be a challenging thing to do especially if you are a go getter that has drive and is used to “making things happen”.

We must also understand that our desires don’t always unfold according to our timing but that doesn’t mean we should give up. If your heart sings and your face lights up when you think of a certain dream, it’s 100% worth pursuing. 

I’ve had many dreams and pursued many dreams. Some have come true (I quit my job and started my business) and a few are a work in progress (I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 3 years and we are still trying to find a way for us to live together without having to get married). It’s a lifetime process to learn to trust the timing of our life but when we do, things start to flow much more.

Take time today to dive deep down inside and see if there is a dream that you might have given up onSee if there is a step you can take to reignite it and allow it to unfold. Even if you don’t believe it’s possible at first, have faith and see what happens once you start taking actions.

Go after your dream from a place of trust and inner peace, not of controlling, stress or grasping.Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you let your dreams roam freely and feel lit up from the inside.

Image by Shelan Creatives