Do you feel like you somehow got off track this week? Like you had the best intentions to focus on your priorities but then life got in the way? That’s not always a bad thing believe it or not. Sometimes wrong helps us find the right. I do believe that goals and being focused is important but we don’t always know best. We think certain goals will bring happiness but life can have something else in store for us and we need to stay open to that.

We must find that balance between striving for what makes us feel alive but then also allow life to guide us.

We might perceive a certain situation as a failure, a detour or a waste of time but it can actually be a crucial component to that next step that will help you fulfill your purpose. 

Sometimes we have to determine what we don’t want to get clear on what we do want.

More importantly, to get clear on what we NEED (because what we want and what we actually need isn’t always the same). All this to stay that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself when things get a little messy or confusing. Give it your best effort but then take a step back and let life do her thing.

It’s all about co-creating rather than trying to force outcomes. Wishing you a wonderful Friday filled with moments of trusting and letting go.

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Image by Jamie Gonzalez