Weekend mornings are the perfect moment to recenter ourselves and see what state of mind we’ve been leaning towards all week. Are you being loving and kind towards yourself and others or is there a lot of judgment and harsh thoughts?

We usually have a bit of both but for some people one is a lot more present than the other. Unfortunately it’s usually the judgmental voice and that can totally drain your energy. It can make you feel crappy and out of balance.

Use the weekend to recalibrate. To consciously choose love over fear and release judgment one thought at a time.

I’ll be totally honest. Although I have done a lot of work on my inner mean girl, she can still pop up in my thoughts. The difference now is that I notice it almost immediately and I’ve reprogrammed myself to replace those harsh thoughts with loving ones.

It’s still a work in progress but it’s worth the effort as I feel so much better when I keep the judgmental thoughts at bay. I have more energy for myself and others and I feel that I am fulfilling my true potential.

Life is so much better when we learn to be aware of our thoughts and can let go of those that aren’t serving us.

See what your mindset is and how it makes you feel. If you notice that it creates anxiety, see how you can change that storyOur reality is created by the lenses in which we view it and we can choose those lenses. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday where you focus on being loving, slowly replacing those judgemental thoughts.

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