Let’s remind ourselves that different is beautiful. We can be contradictive creatures sometimes. Our default reflex is often to want to belong and yet our beauty resides in our uniquenessWe might be uncomfortable with people that appear to be different than us but deep down, we find such joy in accepting and welcoming others in our heart.

Each one of us is going down a unique path and yet we are all in this together.

We can experience so much more happiness when we embrace our differences and choose love over separateness. When we choose to judge or to label people it’s usually because of fear and ignorance. We don’t quite understand them and we can’t “figure them out”. That bugs the Ego mind but who we truly are (our soul) doesn’t give a crap about those outside appearances.

Learn to tell the difference between when your Ego is labelling people vs when your heart is speaking to you, directing you towards compassion and acceptance.

Every one of us can make a difference when we shift our inner state of being to a more loving one. Don’t feel helpless by focusing on the state of the world and some of the unkind actions that take place. Clean up your side of the street first by making yourself accountable for how you view and treat others in your immediate surroundings.

It starts at home. It starts by loving ourselves and then spreading that love to those around us.

It starts by knowing that different is beautiful and embracing that mindset is what is going to create a profound shift within you and beyond. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday filled with loving moments and unique beauty.

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