Release any negative energy that’s residing within you. Whether it’s in the thoughts you’ve been having about yourself, others or a situation, let go of that negativity with a deep breath. Then inhale all that your heart desires. Love, inner peace, health or anything you wish.

Breathe out resentment… breathe in gratitude.

Being human means experiencing a plethora of emotions and sometimes facing challenges. We shouldn’t deny or repress these feelings but rather let them pass through us and let go.

When we carry negativity or worry around it weighs us down and keeps us from reaching our full potential.

We don’t see clearly and we stop noticing the beauty in the everyday. This adventure is a magical one if we choose the right mindset.

Living more mindfully happens one day at a time and it starts with making the conscious decision to do so. Release that negativity once again and welcome in love and light. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with good vibes! ♡

Geneviève xoxo

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