It’s crucial to your health and happiness to take moments to rest and start enjoying your journey rather than always obsessing about what’s nextIt’s so funny that most of us (and I’m including myself here) focus most of our attention on a certain “destination”. We have objectives and goals and we believe that we will be happy and at peace only when we reach one of them or maybe all of them.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with goals, ambitions and dreams. In fact, I think that those dreams that are closest to our heart are part of our purpose and what we are meant to do here.

Where we create stress and unhappiness for ourselves is when we focus solely on those objectives and make the present moment less important. All that matters is now. Tomorrow doesn’t exist yet and yesterday is already gone. When we are constantly lost in the past or the future we are cheating ourselves out of great moments that we could be enjoying if we weren’t so caught up in what we think our life should be.

We need to remind ourselves that this is a journey, an adventure that will seem very quickly lived in the end and even more so if you don’t fully take in the now and all the beauty it has to offer. Don’t miss out on all the gifts that life is offering you this moment (a sunny day, the smile of a loved one, your health) because you are so focused on a destination. Relax, have fun and don’t take life too seriously. Welcome in light, laughter and love. Have a wonderful day!

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