Sundays are for day dreaming. For taking time to slow down and allowing those buried whispers to rise up and be heard. Dreams don’t have to be grandiose. They just have to be something that is calling you. Dreams are meant to come to life. They are meant to be brought into this world. We have them for a reason and keeping them within us because we are scared is a sure way to feel depleted of our energy.

It doesn’t mean to drop our responsibilities or do something irrational. It simply means to listen to our heart and let it guide us rather than always letting others tell us why we shouldn’t dare to dream.

I had a few people in my life that tried to provide guidance when I wanted to follow my dreams. They had the best intentions in the world but I would have been living their life if I had listened to them.

Trust your intuition. Follow your unique path. Protect your dreams preciously and don’t let the non dreamers discourage you from seeing how amazing this life can be.

Happy Sunday!
Geneviève xo

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