It’s that time of the week: hump day. You might feel like you are losing some steam or you might feel like you are just getting started. Either way, the first step to more inner peace is to develop persistence without resistance to what is. 

If you are feeling super driven then great, tap into that and give it your all. If on the other hand, your week hasn’t gone exactly as you had planned (maybe things aren’t moving ahead fast enough for you), acknowledge that too but don’t think that because you believe things aren’t as they should be that that is true. We can be very demanding of ourselves and think that we know best how our days should unfold but there is something else at play co-creating with us in the most magical way.

We must find a balance between our drive but also letting go. Let Life do her thing. That’s not to say to just be a bystander to our own life. If you have a yearning inside of you, something that you believe is part of your purpose, you must persist in making it come to life.

No matter what fears you have or what others might think, trust that inner drive and passion. Just know that it sometimes takes longer than we expected and that there are reasons for that. Persist in following your heart, during the good days and the bad. You have what it takes and you will be guided every step of the way.

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