Whether it’s your life in general or a specific situation, your perception creates your reality (i.e. how you feel). Two people could be going through something very similar and yet experience it completely differently. Why? PERCEPTION

When we view what is happening to us, many things influence that perception: past experiences, values, fears and so much more.

Most importantly it’s our mindset that creates our reality so when we have a positive frame of mind we tend to live more positive experiences. Not only because of how we perceive life but because of what we’ll tend to attract because of that positive energy.

You can surely think of a few people in your life that always have drama going on. Why? Their perception about themselves and their lives.

Make sure you take regular notice of your mindset and perception. Sometimes we can start telling ourselves certain stories about ourselves, others or our life in general (“I’m not good with money, She’s always so critical, I’ll never find a good man…”).

Pause any negative story you might have going on and reframe it towards something positive: the reality you want to create rather than the one you don’t.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!
Geneviève xo