The day your start practicing gratitude is the day your life will start to expand. Oprah was one of the first people to teach me this years ago and I’ve heard countless successful people since then say just how important gratitude was to them.

This life can never be rich if you don’t see all the gifts you already have.

If you keep focusing on lack, the energy you create is not conducive to creating abundance. Think for a moment about the last time you were grateful. Now think of how often you focus on what you don’t have (physically, mentally, spiritually).

We need to talk about and cherish all the blessings that life has bestowed on us. We need to realize just how much there is to celebrate already.

Take notice around you see what kind of mindset successful and happy people have.

There is always an energy around us based on what we are thinking. What is the nature of yours and can you decide to make it one that creates even more abundance?

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you take a moment to practice gratitude whether that’s only once this morning or multiple times throughout the day (that’s what I do most of the time).

Love you guys!
Geneviève xo