Start this week fresh by making the conscious decision to release everything that happened last week. From an offhand remark someone might have made to a mistake you wish you could forget. Look ahead and create a blank slate for yourself. One where you are confident, loving and at peace (with yourself & others).

Set a clear intention (or goal) for this week be it personal or professional and come back to that desire every morning to help you determine your priorities and guide your actions.

When we release the past and have a clear path established we have much more clarity and focus. We can block out the noise and center on what really matters to us.

Rather than letting life toss around we make a conscious decision to maintain a certain inner peace while working towards our goals.

Find that place within you that knows what truly matters. Release the fears and the worries and create magic with that blank slate. From the people you meet to the projects you lead (at home or work), infuse kindness and passion and leave those around you feeling happier. The love and light that you put out will come back to you tenfold.

Wishing you an amazing day!

Geneviève xo

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