To all my fellow type-A, driven control freaks: this video is for you! I say that with lots of love of course because every single one of us has our challenges and I totally understand how hard it can be sometimes to trust life more and control less. In this video I give you some concrete tips to learn how to do that which in return will help you be more healthy, happy and at peace. Enjoy watching and let me now what you think in the comments below!

Alors, did you see a bit of yourself in what I speak about? There is no shame in realizing you’ve been trying to control every aspect of your life. The secret is noticing if you are doing it, not judging and then shifting that mindset to one that is more trusting.

Easier said then done of course but it’s doable. Take from a girl that works on this every day and will probably be for many years to come. Why is it worth the effort? Because you will be getting out of your own way. We often think that we know best and that by controlling everything and manipulating an outcome we will get what we want but sometimes life has something even better in store for us.

But in order to enjoy that we have to learn to let go and trust. Take it one step at a time and be kind to yourself when you notice that you are trying to control again. It’s not a habit that can be changed overnight but you have the power within you to become more at ease and let go. Until next week, thanks for watching and don’t forget to LIKE this post if you enjoyed the video!

Geneviève xo