Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that making mistakes is A-OKAY. In fact, it’s all part of the human experience. As this quote says, it’s proof that we are trying at least. I don’t know why we are so afraid of mistakes. As if making one means that we are less worthy of love.

If we try to make our life mistake free we are also blocking ourselves from all the amazing experiences it has to offer us. I used to be very scared of making mistakes (still am sometimes). The perfectionist in me would be so harsh that if I did try and fail, my internal dialog was not a a very nice one. And then one day I decided that had to change.

I still have this default setting of wanting to be good at something right away but the difference is that now I try and if the experience isn’t perfect I at least pat myself on the back for trying and if it’s something that’s really important to me I will give it another go (and then maybe another, and another).

If we just live life on the sidelines watching others take the risks we don’t open ourselves to all the magic that can unfold. It’s almost as if there is someone watching over us and wants to reward those that have the courage to try, sometimes fail and then get back up again. Learn to love yourself and your mistakes. Celebrate the courage you have to at least be in the arena and giving it your best shot.

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