Do you feel like as you get older you are really starting to know yourself better and that you don’t have to make apologies for who you are? You know what matters to you, what makes you feel alive and feeds your soul. You’ve determined the values that you can’t steer away from and if ever you do you immediately feel off balance.

As I’ve gotten older (I’ll be turning 40 in September) I’ve come to realize that I am quite a free spirit. I know that some of my core values are freedom, creativity and spirituality. I realize that when I was younger and was far from these values, I felt lost and somewhat empty.

I’ve also come to understand that I am a spiritual girl living in a material world.

I love to enjoy all that is beautiful, inspiring and glamorous but if I put all my focus on that and lose contact with my inner world, I get anxious. I know that I need to spend time in nature OFTEN and that I require a daily spiritual routine to keep me grounded (I meditate every morning before I write these daily inspirations).

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and it’s so important to discover our true self rather than being who others want us to be.

I do have a gypsy soul and warrior spirit and I make no apologies about it. Who are you deep down inside and how often are you truly connected to that soul?

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