It’s so important to be thankful and at peace with where we are while working towards our dreams and goals. If we stand in a place of frustration, of resisting what is, that creates a certain energy-one that isn’t conducive to attracting what we want.

When you are grateful for all that you have and notice the many blessings that are already in your life, you can relax rather than being tense and constantly wanting more.

You can work with ease towards building a life you love while being okay with where you are current at.

There is no point in resisting what is, in being resentful for the current state of your life. Whatever is just is. Resisting it or wishing it was different won’t change it.

Starting to cultivate gratitude for the gifts you enjoy everyday, THAT will create a shift in your energy which will propel your life ahead.

Be thankful for what you have in your inner world and outer life. Practice being grateful and watch the magic unfold. It’s incredible the effect gratitude has on our energy, actions and attitude. It infuses everything we do and definitely has an impact on our destiny.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you make tiny shifts in your mindset to include moments to be thankful for the present moment while working on making your dreams a reality.

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Image by Think Grow Prosper